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The backpacker balun kits are temporarily unavailable. I’ll have the order button reinstalled on the Kits page shortly, but it has been removed for now. Please check back in a couple of days.

I’ve also added a link to the retired EFHW tuner kit’s assembly manual. I have received a lot of requests for the schematic and transformer winding instruction.

I’m working on a portable whip tuner. Screw in your 8-10 foot extendable whip (Buddipole makes a nice one at a great price) and add a couple of short counterpoise wires, and you can tune from 40 to 10 meters and transmit at up to 25 watts. I’m looking for a suitably small, but sturdy enclosure. I’m hoping to get the kit out under $30.00.

As always, if you need any help with a Better QRP kit or information on your order, please e mail KI6J@[thisdomain].com.  You can also call or text 842-3211 in the 818 area code.  It is my work number.


Stu  KI6J